work like dogs, sweat like pigs, march like gods.

so my sister was doing professional development at the HS back home…


where Spirit is rehearsing and texted me her thoughts about the corps after watching some rehearsal: “We finished early today so I did get to listen to the band for a little while. They looked and sounded great! These boys in these little tiny shorts are cracking me up! It is too damn hot to be out here.”

Band. Bless her.

It’s hot out because we’re wearing these shorts.


Via the Spirit of Atlanta Facebook page (2014)


Via the Spirit of Atlanta Facebook page (2014)

Registered for classes for the fall semester and my earliest class is at 11 am i can’t believe college is a real thing

what she says: i'm fine
what she means: floop is a madman help us save us


people that can have their picture taken while playing a brass instrument and still look good make me mad

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Anonymous said: Do these people actually hate you?

No lol

Anonymous said: You're really hot omg